Injection Molding

With over 20 years of injection molding service, J&M offers compression and injection molding along with tool building and maintenance.

CNC Machining

Our CNC Mills and Lathes are ready to produce custom made metal parts or put the finishing touches on your plastic parts.


In house water transfer decoration system featuring licenses with RealTree and Mossy Oak as well as many other patterns.

Injection Molding

Turn Key Manufacturing

Manufacturing shouldn’t be hard or complicated, from prototyping,  product design and production to quality control, packaging, and shipping, we do everything so you can focus on the other needs of your business. 

High Quality Parts

All parts are inspected by hand and by machine to meet your design specific tolerances. We provide service to many industries including Archery, Athletic Flooring and Surfacing, Prosthetics, Golf, Fishing, and Automotive. 

Ultra Fast Production

Manufacturing in the U.S. results in faster production. No waiting for over sea shipments of your product means you’ll get to market faster. With 3D printing you can see a prototype in days not months.

CNC Machining 


Part creation or part finishing we provide the means to meet your project specifications. 

Plastic and Metal

Low or high quantity production – we’ll figure out the details for you. 


Our capabilities allow us to manufacture quality precision components for any industry.

Hydrographic Application

In House

J & M is proud to own and operate an in-house water transfer decoration system to bring your product to its final finished state. 

Many Patterns

Licenses with RealTree, Mossy Oak and many other brand name camouflage patterns as well as non-camouflage patterns such as carbons and woods. 

Unmatched Efficiency

We are able to take on your decorating work and complete it at a remarkable speed and price. 

Manufacture Today With J&M

Large and small production orders welcome. We have the ability to take your product from idea to production.